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Rosewood Herbs Plus

Rosewood Herbs Plus

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An exciting treat and supplement for all small animals, but especially adored by Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.
A balanced mix of herbs (including parsley, peppermint and red clover), grains and vegetables.

Enrich your pet's day with this blend of six herbs and various grains and vegetables: all carefully dried to maintain their natural goodness. Feed a small amount each day as a treat or mix a small amount into your pet's main diet for variety.

Can be fed daily and helps stimulate your pets appetite.  

Composition- Oat flakes, wheat flakes, pea flakes, carrot, beetroot, parsley, popped wheat, popped corn, alfalfa, grain extrusions, peppermint, dandelion, locust bean fruit, flaked corn, melissa, marigold, red clover.

500 g package

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