Sunflower Sprouts - Freshly Sprouted - Certified Organic!


Our certified organic Sunflower Sprouts are available year-round. These deep green sprouts are crisp, with a nutty flavor a little like sunflower seeds. They are a favorite for guinea pigs and rabbits!

Sunflower sprouts are a whole food that are high in protein, rich in phosphorous and calcium, and are a significant source of lecithin and vitamin D3. They are excellent for bones and teeth, help with fat and carbohydrate digestion, benefit muscle, tissue tone, and the nervous system. Their robust nature allow them to keep for several days in the refrigerator.


* Rabbit Approved

* Guinea Pig Approved

* Chinchilla Approved

* Hamster Approved

* Degu Approved


*** Please leave an insulated cooler outside to keep this product from freezing during colder month deliveries and with an ice pack in warmer months to keep them from getting too warm and wilting ***

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