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Rosewood Snap n Share Vegetable Bar

Rosewood Snap n Share Vegetable Bar

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These yummy and unique "Snap n Share Vegetable  Bars" are brought to you by Rosewood Pet Products. whose Naturals brand has always been driven by their desire to provide customers and their pets a better quality treat made from 100% natural ingredients for better health and well being.

Their treats offer a really healthy and tasty option to stimulate pets and reduce boredom and we are thrilled they have become part of the "All Natural" goal and mandate we continue to offer through True Colours Products.

The Rosewood ‘Grainless’ treats, are one such innovation and we, our wonderful clients and their very special animals are very happy that they have done so!

Available in 125g packages


* Guinea Pig Approved

*  Bunny Approved

* Chinchilla Approved

* Hamster Approved

* Degu Approved

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