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No tip Pet Bowls - made by Sarah at the Impatient Potter

No tip Pet Bowls - made by Sarah at the Impatient Potter

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The no-tip pet bowl is designed with small animals in mind.   Every bowl is unique, hand crafted, and carefully dried for 45 days before finishing.   Each bowl weighs between 2-3 pounds, with a wide lip that discourages even the most determined little furry friends from flipping or launching across a room.   Some bowls are purposefully shallow, to discourage over feeding of pellets.   Others are the perfect size for vegetables. 

A little about Sarah....An obsession with Pottery gradually became a full-blown passion for Sarah Jones, artist and creator at The Impatient Potter. The nature of the clay medium provides an outlet for her imagination and creativity. Sarah’s mission is to create functional pottery that is not only beautiful, but useful. Not a native to Cambridge, she quickly became active in the community and now supports multiple charities with her work for fundraising activities. Her work is currently available for purchase directly through her website: and her Facebook page

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