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Gourmet Hay

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This hay is flat out, totally and completely irresistible and as well as looking incredible enough to eat yourself, when you open the box, the smell is amazing and we guarantee your little critters will be jumping up and down and running all around until they get their little chompers on it!

We have taken the very finest 2nd Cut hay and mixed in some wonderful herbs and flowers that will have them begging for more!

Mixed in with the fruit based Gourmet Hay you will find strawberry leaf, raspberry leaf, lavender, plantain, rose petals, chamomile, dandelion leaf, bay leaf, oat tops, lemon verbena and a few baked pine cones on top! Added to the mix are dehydrated blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and cranberries plus dried apple rings to give them a fabulous assortment of tastes and textures that are All Natural and so healthy for them.

The box is 19 x 14 x 4 inches and we have packed top quality 2nd cut hay and goodies in there for your little critters! 

These pictures show EXACTLY what you will be receiving in your "Gourmet Hay" box - you won't receive the box and have to search for the one lone raspberry or blueberry in there - it is chock full of human grade botanical's, dehydrated fruits and dried flowers.

The Veggie based Gourmet Hay has the same top quality 2nd cut hay with wonderful botanical's in the 19 x 14 x 4 inch box and has dried carrot chips, red pepper chips, spinach, parsley and broccoli on top for your veggie loving Little Critters! 

A perfect choice for them on their Birthday or when they have simply been a really good Little Critter and you want to spoil them with something incredibly special and good for them .






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