Dandelion - Wild Edibles - Freshly Picked - Certified Organic!


Dandelion is a bitter green that possess fabulous nutritional powers!

Dandelion greens are high in calcium, rich in antioxidants, and aid digestion. They are a super food that have been attributed to providing nutrients that reduce the risk of heart disease, lower stress, assist in weight loss, and prevent many types of cancer.

They are also a diuretic so they are also useful for cleansing toxins from the kidneys and can act as a disinfectant which prevents harmful microbial growth in the urinary system.

Safe for guinea pigs and rabbits - as with any foods introduce slowly to their diets ...

* Rabbit Approved

* Guinea Pig Approved

* Chinchilla Approved

* Hamster Approved

* Degu Approved

*** Please leave an insulated cooler outside to keep this product from freezing during colder month deliveries and with an ice pack in warmer months to keep them from getting too warm and wilting ***

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