Bossy's ManeGuards


Prevention & Cure for Mane Loss

Bossy's ManeGuards smooth the mane and are very effective in the prevention of mane loss caused by full neck stable and outdoor rugs. They will also protect against shoulder, chest and wither rubs.

The build of the horse needs to be taken into account when choosing a size. For borderline cases and if the horse is particularly fine for its height then go down a size. If the horse has a particularly thick neck, then we suggest the Large Neck size or alternatively you can measure the circumference of your horse’s neck.

ManeGuards with Velcro front fastenings are available for head shy horses and ponies. 

ManeGuard Fitting .... Please take a few moments to view our informative video !   

 Measure the circumference from A to B then round the neck back to A.

When correctly fitted the loop should be in the position shown on the diagram. The top strap of the outdoor or stable rug can then be passed through the loop for extra security.

The label and all seams should be on the outside, not against the horse. The ManeGuard should be fully covered by the rug
For best results wear under all rugs and machine wash regularly at 40º C.

Bossy's Bib's are a quality product proudly made in the UK  

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