Barley Straw


We are pleased to offer barley straw (approximately 30-35 lbs per bale) for algae issues in your pond!


How much barley straw do I need?

For smaller ponds measured in gallons, we recommend using one lb of barley straw per 1,000 gallons per loading dose.

For larger ponds, the amount of barley straw you will need depends on the actual surface acreage of the pond. Please refer to the chart below to determine how many bales you will need for your specific pond size.

Do you really need two doses per year in your pond?

This will depend 100% on your climate and on your pond. Warmer water increases algae growth potential and also increases the rate at which barley straw decomposes. The climate in Ontario lends itself to one to two doses per year but of course for our customers in other parts of Canada, it will be location and climate specific. On top of the specific location and climate factor, each pond will also be different and will react differently. If your pond has a history of really bad and/or long time established algae problems, one dose will most likely not be enough. After barley straw has been submerged in water for a few months, the enzyme emitting and decomposition effect begin to wear off, and it may need to be replaced. Each year can also be completely different from the year before. Two doses is the norm, but there have been years when mid-July rolled around and there was absolutely no sign of algae growth. We just left the first dose of barley straw in and let it continue to do its work and kept an eye on it to see if a second dose was required or not.

When is the best time to apply the barley straw?

Because barley straw is more of a preventative method of algae control, the earlier the better. In Ontario, we usually put barley straw in our pond in early April, before the algae normally begins to grow. Then in mid July we'll usually replace the straw and put in a second dose. But again - each location, each pond and each year can be completely different ...

 Full details and scientific information is also available at:

Delivered to your door in heavy plastic bags for $35.00 per bale plus hst!



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