Hay bales for your small animals (timothy, timothy/grass, timothy/alfalfa and straight alfalfa)


Are you tired of paying huge prices for hay for your rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, etc? Do you feel much poorer as you leave the pet store clutching that little tiny bag of hay that cost you $22.99 for that 96 OUNCE bag (!!!)  

 We have an easy, economical solution for all of you small pet owners that can save you huge sums of money on an annual basis!

True Colours Products will deliver to your door, fresh from the farm, excellent quality hay in 35-45 lb (approximate weight) bales. Each bale is 8-10 large flakes and each flake equals 1 bag of store bought hay. So 1 delivered bale would equal 7-8 bags minimum of hay.

In total for the year, for 1 rabbit or guinea pig, your savings would be $450.00 - $500.00 in hay and shavings combined and the products are delivered right to your door in heavy plastic bags to keep the mess to a minimum!
Delivered price per full bale of hay :
1  bale of 2016 1st Cut 60% timothy / 40% alfalfa hay - $50.00
1 bale of 2016 1st Cut timothy hay - $50.00
1 bale of 2016 1st Cut timothy / grass mix hay (some sun bleaching / lighter bales) - $40.00 

1 bale of 2016 2nd Cut 90-95% alfalfa hay  - $55.00 - *limited quantities available!*

1 bale of 2016 3rd Cut soft grass/alfalfa mix hay-$60.00 *limited quantities available!*

1 x 19 x 14 x 4" box of incredible "Gourmet Hay" - $34.95

Delivered price per 1/2 bale of hay :

1/2 bale of 2016 1st Cut 60% timothy / 40% alfalfa hay - $35.00 
1/2 bale of 2016 1st Cut timothy hay - $35.00 
1/2 bale of 2016 1st Cut timothy / grass mix hay (some sun bleaching / lighter bales) - $26.00 

1/2 bale of 2016 2nd Cut 90-95% alfalfa hay - $35.00 

1/2 bale of 2016 3rd cut soft grass/alfalfa mix hay - $40.00


*** Delivery included in all hay purchases within the specified areas in Ontario listed below ONLY *** We can ship outside of these specified areas for an additional charge - contact us for pricing ***         


Multiply that by the amount of Little Critters you on and you can realize substantial savings each and every year! :)

The hay can easily be stored in your own plastic bins at home or we can also provide large storage bins for you to purchase at the time of delivery at a cost of $40.00 per bin - delivery included!

In our "Gourmet Hay" - we have taken the very finest 2nd and 3rd Cut Orchard Grass hay and mixed in some wonderful herbs, fruits and flowers that will have them begging for more!

Mixed in with the hay you will find strawberry leaf, raspberry leaf, lavender, plantain, rose petals, chamomile, dandelion leaf, bay leaf, oat tops, lemon verbena and a few baked pine cones on top! Added to the mix are dehydrated blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and cranberries to give them a fabulous assortment of tastes and textures that are All Natural and so healthy for them!

The box is 19 x 14 x 4 inches and we have packed 25-26 ounces of top quality hay and goodies in there for your little critters! 

A perfect choice for them on their Birthday or when they have simply been a really good Little Critter and you want to spoil them with something incredibly special and good for them ...

Regular delivery currently available to Acton, Ajax, Ancaster, Beamsville, Belmont, Binbrook, Bolton, Brampton, Brantford, Brooklin, Burlington, Caledon, Caledonia, Cambridge, Carlisle, Cayuga, Delhi, Dundas, Dunnville, Elmira, Fonthill, Fort Erie, Georgetown, Guelph, Grimsby, Hagersville, Hamilton, Ingersoll, Jarvis, Kitchener, London, Milton, Mississauga, New Hamburg, Niagara, Norwich, Oakville, Oshawa, Paris, Pickering, Port Colborne, Port Dover, Port Rowan, Scarborough, Simcoe, St Catherines, St Mary's, St George, St Thomas, Stoney Creek, Stratford, Tavistock, Tillsonburg, Toronto, Wainfleet, Waterdown, Welland, Whitby, Woodstock and all points in between. Additional delivery areas will be added shortly. Please let us know if your area is not on our current delivery list and we will let you know if/when we can service your area!

Check out our baled pine shavings, baled straw and incredible treats for your Little Critters as well and realize even more cost savings by purchasing your bedding and treat products through us as well! We can deliver the hay, straw, shavings and treats at the same time to your door!

We also ship our products across Canada for an additional shipping charge - contact us for details!

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