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Are you tired of paying huge prices for bedding for your rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, etc? Do you feel much poorer as you leave the pet store clutching that little bag of shavings (3,200 cubic INCHES (!!!) that was $13.50 plus hst?!

We have an easy, economical solution for all of you small pet owners that can save you huge sums of money on an annual basis!

True Colours Products will deliver to your door large compressed (3 cubic ft compressed / 8 cubic ft loose) bales of pine shavings and (2.8 cubic ft compressed / 8 cubic ft loose) aspen shavings.

2.8 cubic ft = 4838 cubic inches and 8 cubic ft = 13,824 cubic inches so you can do an easy comparison with what you are buying and paying at the pet stores!

Your savings will be approximately $200.00 - $300.00 per year per small critter (based on full bale shavings costs ...)
Prices per bale of shavings:


1 bale pine shavings - $29.95

1 bale aspen shavings - $39.95
Multiply that by the amount of Little Critters you own and you can realize substantial savings each and every year! :)

Rip and Tear Sale  our supplier had some damaged bags in his warehouse that he didn't know what to do with as they needed to be taped up as the bags had various rips in them from shipping,  we negotiated a lower price  and you get the savings $10 off,  each bag is still full just has some damage to to the bag IE forklift puncture, staple on the opening of the bag came off,  rips from falling off a skid or catching on a wooden skid. 



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