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Pine Cones - Dried & Baked - All Natural!

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Our All Natural pine cones are washed and dried prior to baking at high heat to get rid of any dirt, debris and bugs, but also most importantly to burn off any pine sap and resin before they are packaged and sold ... 

Pine cones are a favorite treat for bunnies in the wild and are VERY appreciated by your domestic bunnies as well! Terrific for their teeth they also love crunching on them and it gives them hours of enjoyment and relief from boredom while giving their chompers a good workout!

No additives, varnish or lacquers. No chemicals or preservatives. Just natural, dried pine cones straight from the forest to your bunny and piggy! 

Pine cones contain a good supply of Vitamin C and A, and works to boost the immune system, improve skin health, improves eye sight and also helps to prevent hair loss and skin dandruff ...

Available in packs of 4 Large Pine Cones and 16 Small pine cones  ...


*** Guinea Pig Approved ***

*** Bunny Approved ***