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1st Cut Farmers Secret Blend Hay- New 2022 Crop

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Farmers Secret Blend Hay

First cut hay is the first cut that is harvested from the field each summer.  It has a slightly thicker stem to hold the seed heads contained in it.  

This blend of Grass hay consists of 2 types of Rye Grass, Barfest Festulolium and Tall Fescue Blend,  all types of grass that grow really well in our Ontario climate conditions.

This years crop was grown here on our farm and was dried in the sun so it has a slightly lighter colouring than other years.  It now comes in regular bales that weigh approximately 45 lbs each, delivered in a large plastic bag (no longer delivered in boxes).


Full Bales- 45 lbs or 20 kg

Half Bale -22 lbs or 10 kg

Mini Bales- 2.2 lbs or 1 kg

Also available in the Mini bale variety pack


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