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2nd Cut Farmers Secret Blend 2022 Crop -LIMITED STOCK

2nd Cut Farmers Secret Blend 2022 Crop -LIMITED STOCK

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This summer our area has been experiencing a drought so the second cuts of hay have not been growing well at all.  We have managed to harvest a bit of second cut of the Farmers Secret Blend but it is very limited stock quantities and we imagine it will sell out with in a few weeks.  The other farm in our area that grows this variety has also been experiencing the same drought conditions and he has none to sell us this year as he requires it to feed his herd of goats this winter.   To put it in perspective we have about 15,000 lbs less of this type of hay than we did last season.  We are hoping that we can get a 3rd cutting harvest from the fields this year but that will depend on the weather conditions in the coming weeks.

Second cut hay is the second cut that is harvested from the field each summer.  It is a softer hay.

This blend of Grass hay consists of 2 types of Rye Grass, Barfest Festulolium and Tall Fescue Blend,  all types of grass.


Full Bales- 45 lbs or 20 kg

Half Bale -22 lbs or 10 kg

Mini Bales- 2.2 lbs or 1 kg

Also available in the Mini bale variety pack

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