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1st Cut Timothy, Orchard, Wheat Grass Blend Hay- New 2022 Crop

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Nature always amazes us and this hay is the result of some very resilient Wheat seeds.

Last summer we decided to plant a new field of Timothy Orchard grass hay for your small animals and we chose a recently harvested wheat field on our farm.  Nothing out of the usual with this, it was planted with the seed mix as we normally would and left to grow for this years harvest.  Earlier this spring we started to notice that there was wheat also emerging along with the Timothy and Orchard Grass hays,  some of the seeds from last years wheat harvest must have fallen out of the combine during harvest and was worked into the ground with the hay.

So we have accidentally created a new variety of hay that also contains wheat grass and wheat heads -  there are no wheat seeds in the pods yet as we cut it when the wheat plant  was immature so they are very tender and green.  

If you want to try a free sample just send us an email or fill in the contact form and we can add it with your order.

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