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Q: What is the best type of hay for my animal?

A: There is no real correct answer to this question.

It mainly depends on what your animal likes, but here are a few pointers about hay.

Hay with high Alfalfa content should only generally be fed to young growing animals(under 1 year), or expecting or nursing mothers due to its higher protein and energy levels, otherwise pure grass hay should be fed to small animals.

1st Cut Hay(first crop of hay off the field each year): is a coarse hay. while it doesn't feel quite as soft to humans, it is the highest type in fiber, and lower in calcium, which are both ideal for digestive systems . The coarse stems also aid in wearing down the animals constantly growing teeth.

2nd & 3rd cut: (re-growth after 1st cut is harvested) are softer hay cuts, as it is more leaves with significantly less stems. It is slightly higher in calcium and lower in fiber. It is the best suited type of hay for older animals, as it is easiest for them to chew.

Q: How much hay should I feed my animals?

A: Veterinarians recommend that Rabbits and Guinea pigs have 80% of their diet being hay. Hamsters don't need hay as part of their diet, but it does have some nutritional benefits. Softer 2nd or 3rd cuts are more recommended as it is softer on their mouths, and some also enjoy hay as a nesting material. 

Q: Can you delivery to my area?

A: We deliver to a wide area of southern Ontario, unfortunately some areas we just don't have enough customers to make a route viable for us, and therefore have to ship to you by mail.

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Q: Why is the shipping so expensive?

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We are aware that many companies advertise "free shipping ". Unfortunately nothing in life is truly "free", and we have chosen not to inflate our prices in order to make this a possibility.