FREE Delivery on orders over $100 within the local delivery zones

Covid 19 Update

New Covid 19 Policy effective Jan 14th

Effective immediately we are enforcing our policy to strictly NOT enter any buildings to deliver orders to reduce our contact with others to keep us and our customers safe.


Apartment / Condo Dwellers-  you will be notified of delivery timing the evening before delivery day and then we will text you 10 minutes before arrival so you can come down to your building lobby,  when you see the truck arrive please stay inside and give us a wave and we will leave your order outside,  once we are at a safe distance you can come and grab your order.  If we don't see you we will still leave your order outside and text you the location of your delivery.  WE ARE NO LONGER COMING INSIDE TO LEAVE IT WITH CONCIERGE OR SECURITY!!  


House Dwellers Please also stay inside and wave at us from the window ( we do love seeing your smiling faces) we will leave your order on the porch or wherever you requested and you can come out to get it once we are at a safe distance away.


We really love seeing and meeting everyone but for the next 28 days we are doing our part to not have contact with anyone,  We are all in this together.

If you have any questions please email, call or text us.

December 26 2020  

We have been deemed essential by the Ontario Government so the online store will remain open and deliveries to your door will continue, dates for the next few weeks of deliveries have been posted on the website and we will add more if needed to make sure everyone has what they need throughout this lock down.
We have plenty of hay, pellets, shavings and treats in stock so there is no need to panic buy.
Stay Safe, we are all in this together
Mark and Kim

 September 2020  Deliveries continue as per delivery schedule with social distancing requirements.  We continue to ask all apartment and condo dwellers to meet us outside to receive the orders. If you will not be home on delivery day let us know where to leave your order or you can also give us an alternate delivery address with in your delivery area,  or have a friend of neighbor accept the order on your behalf.  If you live in an apartment or condo you will receive a timing email from us the afternoon or evening before delivery and we also will text you 10-15 mins before arrival.    Thank you to all our customers for keeping us safe, we are all in this together.