Little Critters - All Natural treats for guinea pigs, bunnies, chinchilla's, degu's, etc

We search the world to bring you the very best "All Natural", unprocessed and healthy treats for your bunnies, guinea pigs, chickens, etc. Fresh from our farm to you for your small & large pets!

A HUGE assortment of All Natural treats, Herbs, Gourmet Hay, "Cool de Sacs", Kritter Krates, Apple Sticks, Apple Twigs, Apple Chunks, Birch Sticks, Timothy Tops, Timothy Cubes, pea flakes, apple rings, pine cones and more!

New to our line up are the wonderful Peters Pet Products from Australia,  Rosewood Pet Products from the UK and Volkman Seed Products from the USA! 

Our Guinea Pig and Rabbit pellets are SO fresh - your animals will go crazy over them! Available in 2, 7 and 25 kgs bags and we also have Chicken Layer Crumbs available in 25 kg bags only ...

Check out our other products for your Little Critters - a huge assortment of Farm Fresh hay in full and half bales, aspen and pine shavings, wheat and barley straw, storage bins, bedding deodorizers to keep everything smelling fresh.

Delivery to your door available in specified areas in Ontario - delivery to the rest of Canada available by Canada Post