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Rosewood Gnaw Stones

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These unique and necessary "Wellness Gnaw Stones"  brought to you by Rosewood Pet Products. whose Naturals brand has always been driven by their desire to provide customers and their pets a better quality treat made from 100% natural ingredients for better health and wellbeing.

Their treats offer a really healthy and tasty option to stimulate pets and reduce boredom.

They are really beneficial to pets and are designed to challenge and stimulate pets of all sizes, helping to prevent boredom. The Rosewood gnaws are especially useful in helping pets to satisfy a key need: helping to wear growing teeth and avoiding unnecessary dental issues.

Made from edible wood and a special baked loam stone coated with either dried carrots, rose petals, parsley or herbs. Each block also contains spirulina and Jerusalem Artichoke


* Guinea Pig Approved

*  Bunny Approved

* Chinchilla Approved

* Hamster Approved

* Gerbil Approved

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