Little Critters - hay, shavings, pellets, natural treats, straw for bunnies, guinea pigs, chickens, chinchilla's - etc

Check out our baled hay in full and half bales, our Aspen shavings, our Pine shavings in full and half bales, both Wheat and Barley straw, treated (Fire Retardent) and untreated wheat straw, pellets for rabbits and guinea pigs, crumble for chickens, All Natural treats (dried Okra pods, dehydrated Apple Rings, loofah discs and rolls, All Natural Baked Pine Cones, Apple twigs, sticks and branches, Willow twigs, sticks and branches, "Gourmet Hay" with fabulous botanicals, dehydrated fruit and baked pine cones that looks, smells and tastes wonderful!

Our all new "Kritter Krates" with our signature "Gourmet Hay" for the piggies and bunnies, plus 4 of either the okra pods, loofah discs or rolls, apple sticks, pine cones, willow sticks, Apple Dumpling Treats or Banana Muffin treats. The "Kritter Krate" for chickens will have our signature "Gourmet Oatmeal" plus 4 of either the mealworms, dehydrated fruit, dehydrated vegetables, Trail Mix for Chickens, Banana Chips, Nutty Chicken Mix