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Immunity Blend - All Natural!

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We all know how our Little Critters can feel under the weather sometimes and/or get stressed in new situations, so we have developed a special "Immunity Blend" for your piggies, bunnies, hamsters, chinchillas and tortoises to give them a little help in feeling better and to provide them with an incredible variety of yummy tastes and textures to nibble on!


* Rabbit Approved

* Guinea Pig Approved

* Chinchilla Approved

* Hamster Approved

* Degu Approved


Our Immunity Blend is a healthy, All Natural, tasty blend of:

Echinacea - 33g


 Hibiscus Petals - 33g


Marigold (Calendula) Flowers & Petals - 33g

Available in 100g packages, its also the perfect choice when bringing a new animal into your home to make sure the stress of moving and a new environment doesn't make them ill ...

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