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Timothy Hay Cubes

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These 100% Timothy Hay cubes are All Natural, made from Farm Fresh timothy hay, and are a wonderful part of your guinea pig, rabbit and chinchilla's daily diet!

The highly digestible fiber with low protein and calcium helps to maintain a proper gastrointestinal balance while giving your Little Critters something hard and crunchy to chew on, allowing them to maintain terrific dental health! Since it will take them longer to eat a compressed Timothy Hay cube than it will Timothy Hay stalks, it will keep them busy for hours and alleviate any boredom during the day ...

So convenient and easy to feed, its great for daily activity and playtime fun, and their appealing flavor and aroma will make them a hit with your Little Critters!

 Available in:                                                                                                                       400g (small)                                                                                                                   

 700g (medium)                                                                                                                     5kg (Large)



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