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2nd Cut Farmers Secret Blend Hay

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Farmers Secret Blend  Mixed Grass Hay

Second cut hay is the second cut that is harvested from the field each summer.  It has a finer stem and this hay has smaller strands for easy feeding.  This grass hay is a brilliant green colour.  These bales weigh approximately 50 lbs each.

This blend of Grass hay consists of 2 types of Rye Grass, Barfest Festulolium and Tall Fescue Blend,  it should really be called Farmers Secret Blend as it has quickly become our best seller, the animals are loving it!!  We also have the lab tests back and it has half the calcium compared to the 2nd cut Timothy.

The 2020 Farmers Secret Blend hay has arrived but we were only able to secure this variety in 1000 lb bales!  The easiest solution we have come up with  is to sell this variety in boxes instead of bales so as of today Sept 24th the 2020 stock is only available in 25 lb boxes equivalent to a half bale.  Remaining stock of 2019 Full bales are on sale until we deplete the inventory.  This will give us time to source a box that can contain 50 lbs of hay  and be manageable for delivery which will be equivalent to the full bale size. 

Full Bales 2019- 50 lbs or 22.6 kg until sold out

Half Bale equivalent - 2020- 25 lbs box or 11.3 kg box

NEW mini Bales- 2.2 lbs or 1 kg

NEW Mini Bale Variety Pack includes:

1 mini bale 1st cut timothy, 1 mini bale 2nd cut timothy, 1 mini bale 2nd cut Farmers secret blend

OR choose any 3 kinds you like, Just write in the notes section your 3 choices.

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