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Activity Box

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 Fill the box with hay and treats for hours of fun for your furry friends. With cutouts they can climb inside or enjoy from the outside!

Included- 1 Activity Box with cutouts on 4 sides (box comes to you flat)            
                 1 Mini Bale of your choice
Bag of mixed Fruits and Veggies 
Bag of Herbs and Botanicals 
Rosewood Treats- Trio of Fun balls
                              Little Hearts
                              Fenugreek Crunchies

                              Hay 'N' Treat swing

Build your unique activity Box- Simply build your box, place box in your critters cage, fluff up the hay inside, sprinkle botanicals/fruits & veggies and treats in the hay, hang or place toys inside and let your furry friend enjoy!! 

Grass Cardboard box makes it so your furry Friends can Enjoy the WHOLE thing even the box!!

35 x 35 x 35 cm Box  cut outs measure 8 cm diameter ( small) 20 cm diameter ( large)

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