Bunnies continue to RAVE about our hay! October 14, 2016 09:06

Josee from Niagara was good enough to write and tell us:

"Hi there! Our bunny LOVES your hay bales. She wouldn't touch the store bought stuff. After comparing it to your products I guess I can't blame her. Your products and service are fantastic! Thank you"

We know we are on the right track with our products and our service when we continue to get emails like this daily from our clients!

Thank you so much Josee for taking the time to let us know!


Our hay is always such a hit!!! October 13, 2016 10:23

Every day we continue to receive such nice emails from clients on the hay we deliver to them!

"The hay is fantastic! My bunnies eat it faster than you would believe!

One of the main reasons I started ordering from you guys is because you dont use chemicals and you give me a choice of aged hay. 
Its perfect and my rabbits will not eat anything else.
Thanks again,
We appreciate your comments and feedback so much and are happy that your bunnies approve of our hay as well!

Another happy hay client! September 30, 2016 06:52

Katie from Guelph was kind enough to email us and let us know what her bunnies thought of our hay!

"Just letting you know the bunnies have dived right into the hay and are now very happy to have a quality bale in the house :) Thanks for the great service, happy bunnies make me a happy customer! "

You (and your bunnies!) are very welcome Katie! Thank you so much for letting us know!                    

We love getting nice emails from non clients too! September 09, 2016 16:45

Sometimes it is just the right thing to do to walk away from a sale and point the client in the right direction to buy the product they need closer to home so they don't incur high shipping costs ...

This lovely lady lives in the USA and was interested in purchasing product from us and I knew with shipping factored in, it simply wouldn't be fair to accept her order and take her money so I sourced the product for her in her State and sent her the link and received this email back from her ...

 "Thank you so much for your honesty.  I can't express exactly how much that means to me.  I wish that there were more people and companies with the degree of integrity that you have.  

Have a wonderful weekend.
You are SO welcome Lynn and all the very best with your sheep!

The decorative corn stalks are available now for your home & events! August 19, 2016 09:30

The beautiful, rustic corn stalks are now available for your home décor and to add that special "country" touch to parties, weddings, trade shows and events!

Available in both untreated and treated formats - the treated corn stalks can be used in trade shows, under tents, indoor events, public events, etc where fire code requirements mandate they are treated with a specialized fire retardant.

The treated corn stalks will be treated with SafeCoat FR41 Broad Spectrum Fire Retardent. It is non toxic and contains no harmful ingredients.

Contact us for your rustic corn stalk requirements today! We also have beautiful white, orange and green pumpkins available as well as beautiful potted mums in a variety of colours ...   

We have fire retardent straw bales available for rent or sale! August 19, 2016 09:21 1 Comment

We now have available both untreated and treated straw bales for your wedding, trade shows, parties and events!

The beautiful golden wheat straw bales are approximately 38 lbs each and are 37 x 16 x 20 inches,

The treated bales use SafeCoat FR41 Broad Spectrum Fire Retardent which is an absorbent, non toxic product that contains no harmful ingredients and provides excellent protection should someone drop a cigarette on the straw bales at your event. It is also a fire code requirement for all trade shows, events under tents, indoor events, public functions, etc

The bales are available for your functions that require fire resistant straw bales to meet Fire Code and insurance mandates - contact us for pricing and information for your next event!


Our timothy hay continues to impress the bunnies! August 12, 2016 06:15

Jaki from Kitchener was kind enough to write:

"My bunny LOVES your timothy hay! You guys are wonderful. Thank you!"

Thank you so much Jaki for taking the time to let us know! We appreciate your feedback so much!

Joey the kangaroo gave us a "paws up" for our hay! July 29, 2016 19:22

Joey is owned by Ringtail Ranch and Rescue and he loved our timothy hay and thought the alfalfa hay we brought along as a special treat for him was really special as well!

Joey happily does regular "Roo" stuff on a daily basis which includes grazing on grass and hay and he also visits special needs schools, does walks for special events like autism awareness, and is available for corporate and private events ...

Roger loved meeting and visiting with Joey and we were happy to provide him with nutritious and tasty hay from our fields to meet his dietary requirements!

To learn more about Joey and Ringtail Ranch and the wonderful work they do, visit their website at:  

Another "thumbs up" for our hay products! July 22, 2016 11:38

Liv from Toronto was kind enough to email to let me know how happy she was with our hay!

"Thank you! I received the hay- it is great, exactly what my two guinea pigs needed at a better price than the pet shop hay I have been buying!"

You are very welcome Liv! We are so happy you like the hay we are producing and you love the savings it offers to you! 

Our straw bales were a hit!!! July 12, 2016 09:11

Justine from St Mary's, ON is planning a birthday party for her little guy and the theme will be "My First Rodeo"!

We were happy to provide the beautiful golden straw bales for the event and to also send along some horse shoes so the guests could have a good old fashioned game of Horse Shoe throwing at the party!

Its so nice to get messages like this back from our customers ...

"Roger just delivered the straw. What a nice man! I can't say enough thanks and how happy I am to have found your ad!"

Thank you so much for your business Justine and I hope you have a wonderful birthday party for your little cowboy!  

Our party was a hit thanks to your wonderful service! July 01, 2016 15:14

Alicia from Stoney Creek wrote:

"Thank you for your wonderful and professional service! Our parents Anniversary party was such a hit with the straw bales you delivered for our "Country Themed Event"! They were heavy and so well packed and withstood a lot of sitting on them and general merriment as the drinks flowed!

I recommend you highly for anyone looking for punctuality and high quality products with a professional company.

Oh! And our guests loved the fact that we gave them a bale to take home as mulch for their gardens afterwards!

Thank you again

Thanks Dayle (and Licorice!) on your nice comments on our hay! June 28, 2016 14:04

Dayle just wrote:

" Licorice confirms the tastyness of this hay! She hasn't stopped munching since I put a pile in from of her! "

Thanks for letting us know Dayle! And so happy to hear that Licorice approves!

Another nice message on our hay! June 27, 2016 08:46

Brooke was kind enough to write this message this morning on our hay ...

"Got to recommend this hay, my guinea girls love it! "

Thank you so much for taking the time to do so! We appreciate your comments and your business!

Another happy customer in Oshawa with our hay and service! June 23, 2016 09:54

Liz from Oshawa wrote:

"Thank you very much wow so awesome!!! Currently sharing all over Facebook groups for you guys :)  "

We appreciate your business and your comments so much Liz! Thank you for ordering from us ...                     

Oshawa Guinea Pigs LOVE our hay!!! June 23, 2016 09:51

Jillian from Oshawa wrote:

"No sooner do I put the hay in their enclosures and they are having a hay buffet!  Thank you!!!"

You are very welcome Jillian! SO glad to hear your guinea pigs gave our hay a "thumbs up" and they are enjoying their feast!

We love getting these messages about our service and our hay! June 23, 2016 08:28

Chari from Oshawa just wrote ...

"Thank you Donna ... Just received my delivery just after 8 am... Looks great... Finally my 'girls' get farm fresh Timothy hay... Not old bagged stuff.... This will last a few months ( and reasonably priced too)"

You are so welcome Chari! Thank you so much for your order!

Rabbits love our timothy hay too! June 20, 2016 19:47

Serena from Brampton was kind enough to send this message to us today ...


I would just like to send a big THANK YOU for delivering and 
providing my rabbits with quality timothy hay. It is so hard
to find strictly timothy hay bales here in my area, so I am
very satisfied and happy with the prompt delivery of the hay
despite the distance
I finally got to switching over to your hay and I must say,
it's a hit with our rabbits, our pellet-loving rabbit dived
straight into the hay pile I brought in when refilling their hay. much thanks! keep up the awesome work!"

You are so welcome Serena! Thanks for letting us know!


Thanks Port Dover for commenting on our service! June 20, 2016 07:00

"We got a delivery on Monday and are very pleased. Such a treat to have it delivered too. Thanks so much."

Thank you for taking the time to comment on our hay and customer service! June 18, 2016 20:43

Brantford guinea pigs LOVE our hay too (and their owners seem to really appreciate our customer service and attention to detail too!)
" I ordered this last week for first time! Well wanted to say I live in an apartment and had to order half a bale due to space! I had seen this add before but it was only available in full bales but now they accommodate half sizes! So I ordered and it came next day, it also came in a plastic bag which was surprised not in a bad way but I found it very thoughtful of them for thinking ahead because I didn't! It was not dragged all over my apartment halls or my apartment! Thank you for that, also I was very happy with price and amount you receive. I will never again buy from pet store as this is the best hay and customer service! Thank you from me and my little critters, unfortunately we won't have to order for a while as it is going to last along time, but that's a good thing for me, but look forward to buying again when low!

Another "thumbs up" from a happy guinea pig owner on our hay! June 18, 2016 09:23

Another "thumbs up" from Brampton, Ontario!

"Hi, there. Just thanking you for the great product and service provided. Our guinea pigs love the hay. We look forward to doing business again. Thank you.


You are very welcome Trevor - we look forward to continuing to do business with you in the future!

Steve and his guinea pigs love our hay and shavings too! June 15, 2016 17:06

From Steve in Niagara ...

"I recently received an order of hay and shavings for my Guinea pigs . I can tell you that the hay is awesome . I was buying the hay from Walmart and most of it was on the bottom of the cage. This hay from Donna is awesome . The pigs devour it and leave no strands on the bottom of the cage . The shavings are really good too . Smell is so good !! Thanks Donna I will be ordering from you again when the time comes , you can count on it !!"

Thanks so much for letting us know Steve! So happy your guinea pigs love our hay!

The verdict is in! Guinea pigs LOVE our hay!!! June 05, 2016 20:59

Jaye from Oshawa contacted us to say:

" Hi! Just wanted to say thank you! The bale is great, my pigs LOVE the fresh hay (no comparison to the store bags that who knows when they were cut, sitting in a warehouse, and shipped from). I won't go back to pet store bags. This is far better product and a far better price.

I'm sorry again for not being able to be home to meet Roger for the drop off. I look forward to meeting him in the future for future purchases

Jaye "

The great comments just keep coming in! June 05, 2016 20:53

Sierra from Kitchener wrote ...

" I'd like everyone to know what a great deal I received. The bale of hay amounted to 5 medium sized garbage bags of high quality hay. My guinea pigs have been mowing down for an hour now. Also, there was a misunderstanding about the delivery (completely my fault), yet the gentleman who delivered was very accommodating and understanding. I hope to order again from your company. Thank you!! "

Guinea pigs LOVE our hay!!! May 18, 2016 07:26

Julie M from Oakville wrote to tell us that:

"Thank you so much! My guinea pigs love your hay! We will be returning customers and will be calling you as soon as we are close to running out.

Thanks again!"

Thank YOU Julie for letting us know and so glad to hear your "Little Critters" love the hay we are producing and selling!