The first batch of 2018 1st Cut Timothy Hay is here and its fabulous! May 28, 2018 23:14

We were able to get some really fabulous 1st Cut Timothy hay off 2 of our fields and it is now available and ready to order and be delivered to you!

As with all new hay, remember that it is an organic product and will continue to "breathe" and "dry down" for the next 4-5 months.

We will be handing out "Hay 101" sheets with all hay orders to make sure any new customers know how to manage it properly. In short, allow maximum ventilation on all sides. Keep it up off the ground on a skid or something similar to allow airflow underneath. Keep it out of direct sunlight

And best of all, watch your bunnies and piggies dive in to their fabulous, new, All Natural farm fresh hay!