Our Customer Service levels can't be beaten! October 14, 2016 02:28

We are always getting such nice emails from our loyal clients that we are happy to share!


"I cannot believe the care and attention to detail you provide on a simple bale of hay. From alerting me to the delivery so I know when to expect you, to how carefully it is wrapped in a heavy plastic bag so there is no mess for me to worry about, you are absolutely brilliant. And I haven't even mentioned how my bunnies now go crazy as soon as they hear the rustling of the bag and run around in circles squeaking. They never did that with the store bought hay and I had to clean out so much hay that they wouldn't eat before. With yours, there isn't even 1 piece left in their enclosure - ever!

You have a customer for life! Thank you so much! "


It certainly helps when NO chemicals are used on our hay at all - EVER! No preservatives, no pesticides, no acid to dry it down quickly - just natural wind and sunlight before we bale it, and that's all. Its healthier for you and your family and your pets and that's what matters the most!