Announcement ** New Product** Kumfy Tailz June 10, 2015 00:27

We are very excited to announce that we have been selected as the Canadian Distributor for Kumfy Tailz (USA)  

Kumfy Tailz offer a fabulous line of heating and cooling vests  and coats for your dog in a wide range of sizes. We anticipate having product available shortly.

Canine Physiology and Design

The Kumfy Pax pouch covers the dog's chest and abdominal area or the "core." The core is where most of the dog's vasculature and major organs are. It is also where they have the least amount of fur. By addressing the core, the heart is better able to pump blood to the extremities (paws and ears) helping to regulate the dog's body temperature, which should ideally be between 101°-103° F.

The Concept
Kumfy Tailz utilize proven gel pack technology to assist dogs in maintaining a healthy body temperature regardless of their age, breed, injury, cardiovascular issue, or even just adverse weather conditions. Our products have been veterinarian designed to work in conjunction with a canine's natural physiology by applying the therapeutic powers of warming and cooling to its core, where not only are the skin and fur are the thinnest, but also where the majority of the major organs and vasculature are located.

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