Contest Time June 4, 2019 13:19

Wanna visit us at the Niagara Pet Expo?  Head over to our Facebook page to enter to win 2 tickets to the Expo, June 15 + 16 2019.  Contest closes June 9th at 11:59.


Under New Ownership May 6, 2019 16:53

We wanted to officially introduce ourselves as the new owners of True Colours Products Mark and Kim McKay.  We look forward to helping you with all your small animal product needs.  We have been working alongside Donna and Roger for many weeks and are very excited to continue with the same customer service and products that you and your animals deserve.  New Rosewood products coming soon as well as the 2019 Hay which is growing well with all this rain.

We are adding new botanicals all the time for the health of your animals! July 7, 2018 07:46

We have searched for months to find excellent quality "Black Mallow" (also known  as Black Malva) for the health and well being of your bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchilla's, etc and it is arriving next week!

It is high in fibre (19%) and offers your little ones a really tasty foraging treat that you can add to their hay or food ... and is also reputed to possess antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties

We search the world to bring you the very best products for your Little Critters and are very happy to now be offering dried Black Mallow to you ... 

The first batch of 2018 1st Cut Timothy Hay is here and its fabulous! May 29, 2018 06:14

We were able to get some really fabulous 1st Cut Timothy hay off 2 of our fields and it is now available and ready to order and be delivered to you!

As with all new hay, remember that it is an organic product and will continue to "breathe" and "dry down" for the next 4-5 months.

We will be handing out "Hay 101" sheets with all hay orders to make sure any new customers know how to manage it properly. In short, allow maximum ventilation on all sides. Keep it up off the ground on a skid or something similar to allow airflow underneath. Keep it out of direct sunlight

And best of all, watch your bunnies and piggies dive in to their fabulous, new, All Natural farm fresh hay! 

Our customers (and their Little Critters!) continue to rave about our company & products! April 12, 2018 08:40

We LOVE our customers and its so kind of them to let us know what they think of us and our products too!

Gail wrote:

"Ok thank you so much! I will keep ordering every month

You are the best company I'm dealing with. I will never go anywhere else again.

Thank you and have a great night"

We appreciate your business so much Gail and thank you again for taking the time to let us know how much you like our company too! 

Guinea pigs go CRAZY over wheatgrass strips!!! March 16, 2018 09:28

So much fun to watch these piggies go insanely crazy over their wheatgrass strip sample!

They cant get enough of it and as the seconds tick by, more and more piggies pile on to get in on the fun!

Available in half and full strips with roots and growing medium attached, or in 3 different size bags - freshly cut and bagged



Certified Organic, so healthy and good for them!



Our fabulous new products from Peters Pure Animals Foods, Australia are here next week! March 16, 2018 06:38

We are thrilled to be able to offer this top quality line of All Natural pet products to our customers here in North America ...

These All Natural products contain the finest of ingredients and will be a huge hit with your bunnies, piggies, mice, rats, etc

They will provide your Little Critters with hours of fun as they nibble and chew through the parsley shell and when they have done emptying out the bowl, you can fill it again and again with more of their favorite treats!

A neat and so healthy product line for them, All Natural with no preservatives!


Check them all out at and order some today for your special Little Critters!


Check out our new Wheatgrass and freshly picked Certified Organic botanicals! March 16, 2018 06:28

The wheatgrass is available picked and packed in different size bags as well as in full and half strips and your bunny, guinea pig, cat, etc will go crazy over it! So healthy for them and so important with the huge amount of vitamins and minerals contained in it!

And so many fresh picked botanicals as well! Like Dandelion leaves ... 

Sunflower Sprouts ...


A fabulous fennel and dill combination!


All so healthy and so very good for them!

Check out all we have to offer at!


The 2017 2nd Cut Timothy Hay is here and its fabulous! January 27, 2018 15:07 1 Comment

A really top quality hay that your Little Critters will go crazy over! We were fortunate enough to get in some really fabulous 2nd Cut Timothy hay that is so soft and green and high in protein and overall nutrition!

Available in both half and full bales it is a really terrific choice for those animals that need a bit more of a boost, or are extremely picky eaters and its tough getting them to eat enough of their hay

Heather in London said her 6 guinea pigs LOVE our hay! September 23, 2017 06:09

And now refuse to eat "store bought hay"!

" This is where we get our hay delivery 2 times a months and our 6 pigs love it! They refuse to est anything else now even their old favorite botanicals....the delivery is always fresh, on time and the guy even helped me in with it! Cheap too....we were buying 2 large bags of hay before at $20 a bag until we found these guys and now we save all that!! Super deal and product!!"

Smart piggies and wonderful owner making sure her piggies get nothing but the very best quality hay to eat!

Thank you so much for your business Heather and your continued support!

Jill's bunnies approve of our hay in Waterloo, ON too! September 13, 2017 09:15

Jill from Waterloo, ON was kind enough to let us know her bunnies thoughts on the hay she purchased from us:

"My bunnies can't get enough of this hay, they absolutely love it! I'm so happy I found a great quality replacement for expensive pet store hay. Thank you!"

 We really appreciate your business and your comments Jill! Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know ... :)

Sarah from Brockville, ON ... one of our mail order customers ... September 13, 2017 06:45

Sarah from Brockville, ON is one of our "Mail Order Customers" as she is out of our delivery area and we really appreciate the time she took to let us know what she thinks of our hay and our service!

"Got my bale of B-quality hay, that only took the weekend to get here 😍 Normally I pay $25 for 90oz of hay from the pet store (insane), but getting a whole bale for $55? Sign me up any day. I'm not in the rage of delivery, but I'm so relieved there was a solution to pay extra for shipping. Donna took such good care of me over email and answered all my silly questions with so much patience. Will 100% be ordering again! Thank you so much, and fingers crossed the baby buns love it as much as I do 🙈❤️"

Thank you so much Sarah! We really appreciate your business!

The 2017 2nd Cut hay is now available for purchase and its fabulous! August 16, 2017 05:57

We just finished baling 2nd Cut Soft Orchard Grass and 2nd Cut Soft Orchard Grass / Alfalfa mix hay and it is fabulous!

Soft and a deep green colour, it will have your Little Critters jumping for joy and running round and round when they see it coming!

Place your order now for our next delivery to your area!

Our hay continues to be a BIG hit!!! August 10, 2017 06:13

Lianne from Oshawa was kind enough to let us know:

"OMG, Everytime I smell the fresh fragrance and see the tons & tons of seed-heads in my latest bale, first cut 2017, I think "I must compliment Donna & her husband on this, Best Hay EVER"

You are so welcome! We really appreciate your feedback very much!


The bunnies know what tastes great!!! June 30, 2017 08:56

We got this wonderful email from Yolanta in Brampton, ON on our hay ...

"Hi Donna,
Hope delivery possible for today, Friday…sorry for the late order, but my buns won't touch the pet store hay my husband bought to hold over lol "

Glad your bunnies gave our hay a "Paws Up!" and know what tastes the best! Your hay order is on the way to you today ... Thank you so much again for your business!  

Thank you Jonathan! June 30, 2017 08:51

Jonathan from Scarborough, ON was kind enough to take the time to contact us and say:

"Just to let you, the hay is great value for money. Thanks!"

You are so welcome! And we really appreciate your feedback very much!

Thank you so much Rory!!! June 24, 2017 06:21

One of the really great things about our business is the time our customers take to make sure we know how much they love our products, our service and our prices!

Rory from Burlington was good enough to post his comments on a Facebook ad for us (and other Little Critter owners!) to see ... Thank you so much again!

"Really good quality food and great service . always delivered on time and the prices are amazing. 
If your buying from a pet store you should really try these guys out"

We love getting these comments from our customers!!! June 24, 2017 06:18

Amanda from Burlington was kind enough to post on one of our Facebook ads ...

"Best service ever. Highly recommended!
This is where I get my guinea pigs food from. Amazing prices!"

As always, we appreciate your business so much and are very grateful you took the time to comment on our service, products and prices as well ...

The 2017 1st Cut hay is here and it's green, lush and fabulous! June 4, 2017 09:31

We just got 1st Cut hay off 4 of our fields and it is incredibly nice in every way!

Top quality Timothy/Grass and 80% Timothy / 20% Alfalfa hay that smells and looks incredible and is ready to deliver to you for your Little Critters ...

Always remember that hay is an organic product and needs time to cure and "dry down" completely. While we bale it dry, it will take a further 3-4 months before it has completely finished its drying process. During that time, its very important to keep it up off the ground on a skid or a table and allow plenty of airflow around it. Don't seal it into a plastic bag or storage bin - allow it to breathe on all sides ... 


We look forward to delivering this new hay to you in the coming weeks and months - please let us know if we can answer any questions for you on it


The piggies continue to love our hay! May 16, 2017 08:49

Kyla was good enough to let us know her piggies thoughts on our hay yesterday!

"Thank you so much. My piggies heard the bag and squeeked with excitement "

We appreciate your continued business so much Kyla! Thank you for letting us know ...

The "Gourmet Hay" boxes look amazing and are such an incredible hit! March 10, 2017 22:11 1 Comment

We love making the Gourmet Hay boxes and it shows!

The very finest, top quality soft Meadow Hay is chock full of the finest quality, human grade botanicals, dried flowers and leaves, baked pine cones and dehydrated fruits ...

The Gourmet Hay not only looks amazing but when you open the box, you will be tempted to munch on it yourself! The smell is incredible and everything in there is dried naturally with no additives, sugars, preservatives, etc

We don't scrimp on the quantities either. What you see in the picture is exactly what you get - a LOT of variety and a lot of each product so your Little Critter can have different taste sensations in every healthy mouthful!

Treat your Little Critter to a Gourmet Hay Box today!

Our hay and pellets continue to be a HUGE hit! January 25, 2017 09:03

The comments are pouring in from happy owners once their little critters try our hay and pellets!

This is the latest email received ...

"Hello Donna 

                       your hay and  Rabbit pellets are absolutely brilliant. My bunnies now go crazy as soon as they hear the rustling of the bag and run around in circles squeaking.  And the delivery service was wonderful. Roger helped me carry everything up to my apartment. Be sure to thank him again.
You have a customer for life! Thank you so much! 

Thank you again!

Mariyah :)"

You are SO welcome Mariyah and thank you for taking the time to thank Roger and I!

We appreciate your business and your kind words so much ...


Bunnies are jumping for joy (and into the bin!) for our hay! December 2, 2016 06:23

Lori from Pickering sent this wonderful email to us last night on her bunny's thoughts about our hay!

"We have  approx 1/4 bale left at this time.  I will definately be ordering more once this lot runs out.  

I have to tell you that our 6 month old bunny loves the hay.   When we fill her bowl with it, she wipes it all out without stopping.  We keep an  extra bin of hay in the family room as she goes through it so much.  If we don't keep the lid on the bin, she jumps in the bin to eat ( which she has done  several times).  Talk about a true testimonial!!"
Thank you so much for letting us know Lori! We hear the same thing time and time again from our piggy and bunny customers!

Carrie's guinea pigs LOVE our hay!!! November 27, 2016 09:36 1 Comment

Thank you so much Carrie for letting us know what your piggies think of our hay (compared to the "other stuff!"

"Hi my small animals love your hay!  Funny thing we ran out in between recent delivery and had to buy at the store a temporary bag - it was terrible!  It was all granular and powdery - nothing rich and lush like your hay!"

We appreciate your business very much!